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YF120vRX Litium-Ion Battery 24”
Dual-Stage Snow Blower

YF120vRX Snow Blower - Drama.png
Superior Features in its Class:
  • 120v Lithium-Ion with Brushless Motor with power boost is the most powerful in its class.

  • Clearing Width: 24 inch

  • Depth of Snow Cut: 21 inch

  • Manual chute adjustment: 180°

  • Throwing distance: 40’

  • FEATURES: Simultaneous Engagement System (Interlock system between drive and auger lever), Built-in power steering system, Steel auger and housing, Steel chute and deflector, 16" pneumatic wheels, LED light, Chute cleaning stick

  • 5-Year Warranty

YF120vRX Snow Blower - 9.png

Yard Force powerful 120v Lithium-Ion battery produces up to 30 minutes of whisper-quiet runtime on a fully charged 4.0 Ah battery (battery and charger included). Single-stage blower quickly clears driveways, sidewalks, and patios with an 24” clearing path. Handles snowfalls up to 21” high.

YF120vRX Snow Blower - 8.png
YF120vRX Snow Blower - 2.png

120v / 2.5 Ah / 300 Wh

Lithium-Ion Power

Battery_Pack_inside fade lights on.png
YF120vRX Snow Blower - Auger Handle.png
YF120vRX Snow Blower - 12.png

Powerful Dual-Stage serrated Auger

YF120vRX Snow Blower- Auger Handle.png

4 Forward Speeds, 1 Reverse Speed

YF120vRX Snow Blower - 6.png

Self-Propelled Drive System

YF120vRX Snow Blower- Discharge Spin.jpg

180° Joystick Chute Adjustment

YF120vRX Snow Blower- Discharge Spin Handle.png

Chute is controlled directly on the dashboard by a geared handle for quick and easy adjustments on the go.  Incredible throwing distance up to 35 feet where the chute deflector control is managed by a lever on the dashboard

YF120vRX Snow Blower - Auger head.png
YF120vRX Snow Blower- Auger Handle.png
YF120vRX Snow Blower- Handle Warmer Switch.png
YF120vRX Snow Blower - Heated grip.png

Heated Grips

SUPERBRITE™ LED light- For safe nighttime snow removal the Yard Force SUPERBRITE™ LED light will brighten the way for increased nighttime visibility

YF120vRX Snow Blower - Light On.jpg
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