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YF24-DS21-GSB2 24” Dual-Stage Snow Blower &
YF26-DS21-GSB 26” Dual-Stage Snow Blower

Superior Features in its Class:
  • Briggs & Stratton CR950 208cc Winter Engine with Electric / Manual start

  • Joystick deflector adjustment

  • 6 forward + 2 reverse speeds

  • Simultaneous Engagement System (Interlock system between drive and auger lever)

  • Built-in Power steering system

  • Steel Auger and Housing

  • 16” pneaumatic wheels



  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton CR950 208cc Winter Engine

  • Clearing Width: 24 or 26 Inches

  • Depth of Snow Cut: 21 Inches

  • Joystick Chute Adjustment: 180 degrees

  • Throwing Distance: 35 feet

  • Chute clearing stick included

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Powered for Performance.

Briggs & Stratton® CR950 208cc Winter Engine with Electric / Manual start ‑ commercial-grade features for durability and high performance.



Easy starting with

Briggs & Stratton’s

ReadyStart® starting

system – No prime or

choke, just press the

start button for power



Easy maintenance – this engine never needs an oil change with Briggs & Stratton’s

Just Check & Add™ technology. Simply add oil if it’s low.

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Powerful and reliable Briggs & Stratton Snow Series CR950 208cc engine starts quickly in all conditions, even down 20° below 0 and the controls are designed to be easily managed with winter mittens and gloves

YF26-DS21-GSB 3.png

Driven by the patented SES™ Simultaneous Engagement System transmission with 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds equipped with oversize grip to make easy use in all snow conditions

6 Forward + 2 Reverse Speed Drive

YF26-DS21-GSB 2.png

Powerful Dual-Stage Intake with Serrated Auger to chew through up to 21 inches of snow and can throw the snow up to 35 feet for optimal clearance

YF24-DS21-GSB 12.png
YF26-DS21-GSB Intake.png
YF26-DS21-Chute Rotate.jpg

180° Joystick Chute Adjustment

YF26-DS21-Chute lever.png
YF24-DS21-GSB 16.jpg

Chute is controlled directly on the dashboard by a geared handle for quick and easy adjustments on the go.  Incredible throwing distance up to 35 feet where the chute deflector control is managed by a lever on the dashboard

YF26-DS21-Chute lever Right.png

SUPERBRITE™ LED light- For safe nighttime snow removal the Yard Force SUPERBRITE™ LED light will brighten the way for increased nighttime visibility

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