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YF48vRX 38" 48v Battery-Powered Riding Lawn Mower

YF48vRX Ride Mower 1 Drama.png
Superior Features in its Class:
  • Clean Energy 48v Battery Powered - no gas, no engine maintenance

  • Brushless motor and 48v long-lasting battery power allow for the mower to cut up to 1.5 acres on a full charge

  • Quiet cutting at less than 70 dB

  • 38-Inch Twin-Blade Steel Deck

  • 12-Position Deck Adjustments: 1.5 inch - 4.5 inch

  • 2 Forward Speeds: 8 MPH driving / 5 MPH cutting

  • LCD Display shows performance and historical data

  • Cruise control

  • LED headlights

  • USB charger

  • Charges with a standard 120-Volt outlet

  • Bagging Kit accessory available

Parts and Accessories
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Yard Force battery-powered
equipment keeps you going.

The YF48vRX-RER38 brings cordless convenience and superior performance to maintaining a beautiful yard all season long. The brushless motor and 48v long-lasting battery power allow for the mower to cut up to 1.5 acres on a full charge. It is loaded with cool features including push-button forward and reverse control, cruise control, USB power ports, and an LED headlight. The twin-blade 38” deck includes the Yard Force Vortex™ cutting system for fast and efficient cutting and clippings discharge and mulching. Tomorrow is here now – time to step up to clean and efficient battery power on your riding mower!

YF48vRX-RER38 In-Use Corey FULL.jpg


The YF48vRX-RER38 is powered by 48 volts of clean energy battery power with zero emissions. The brushless motors on the drivetrain and cutting deck are designed to provide reliable performance season-after-season with no maintenance required. When it’s time to mow your lawn, simply unplug the charger, hop on and cut up to 1.5 acres without stopping! Exclusive Yard Force XTRA™ battery technology generates the power and runtime of a gas-equivalent mower without the hassle of keeping gas cans in the garage and having to maintain the engine throughout the season.


The conveniently located control panel at the side of the driver’s seat includes intuitive controls for all the functions on the mower. The LCD screen provides continuous readout on the battery level while you are using the mower. Change from forward to reverse with a simple push of the toggle switch. Turning on the twin blades is a snap with the PTO knob on the control panel and you can select RMO (Reverse Mow Operation) to mow while in reverse.


The cruise control button allows you to set the speed of the YF48vRX-RER38 to any pace you prefer.

YF48vRX-RER39 Control Panel Cruise Button.jpg
YF48vRX-RER38 USB Cropped.jpg


Two USB charge ports are located on the control panel (USB and USB-C) to charge electronic devices including phones, music players and Bluetooth speakers. Whether you are enjoying yard work or need back-up energy during a power outage the YF48vRX-RER38 will keep you charged up and connected.


The SuperBrite™ LED headlight on the front allows you to keep going when daylight starts fading. Whether you’re mowing the lawn or pulling a garden cart and you need to keep going this helpful feature is at your fingertips when you need it.

YF48vRX-RER38 Headlight Image.jpg
YF48vRX Ride Mower - Rolling Close-up_00055.jpg


The steel deck with dual 19-inch blades that cut at 3500 RPM converts from mulching to side discharge quickly and easily. The Yard Force Vortex™ cutting system accelerates clipping circulation for more efficient mulching or side discharge. And when used with the optional bagging kit you’ll capture up to 95% capacity in the bags to extend cutting time without stopping.


The deck height is controlled by a lever conveniently located on the side of the seat with 12 preset heights from 1.5” to 4.5” allowing you to maintain your lawn to your own exacting standards.

YF48vRX-RER Tow Spreader copy.jpg


The YF48vRX-RER38 includes a tow-hitch plate on the rear frame to increase the versatility of your mower. Connect a broadcast spreader to keep your lawn fertilized throughout the season or hook up a garden cart to haul yard debris, branches and more.

IT’S in the BAG!

You can add the optional bagging kit to your YF48vRX-RER38 mower if you prefer to capture the grass clippings as you mow. The dual-bag system attaches quickly and easily without tools and includes a set of high-lift blades to efficiently propel the clipping up the Vortex™ tunnel and into the bags.

YF48vRX-RER Bagger Man Behind copy.jpg
YF48vRX-RER38 Deck Wash Port.JPG


There is a deck wash port conveniently located on the top of the deck. Connect the quick-change adapter to your garden hose and snap onto the port, turn on your hose and you’ll flush grass clippings and debris from the underside of your deck. This unique feature allows you to keep your YF48vRX-RER38 in optimum cutting condition with little effort.

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YF48vRX-RER38 In-Use 26 July 2022.JPG
YF48vRX Ride Mower Drama 4.png
3year Warranty hex.png

The YF48vRX-RER38 is backed

by a 3-Year warranty.*

*Please read owner’s manual for complete details on warranty and service support.

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