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YF58-2 52cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Earth Auger

YF52-8 Gas Auger Drama.png

 Superior Features in its Class:

  • Drill holes for decks, fence posts, tree and bulb planting and more

  • Powerful and Efficient 52cc 2-Cycle Engine with 62 ft.-lb. torque delivers reliable starting and performance season-after-season.

  • Recoil easy start fuel delivery system that allows for quick starting ability

  • Hardened steel pilot boring tip makes drilling more efficient with less effort

  • The auger is built with an engine control lever that makes it easy for operation while also maintaining a focus on operator safety

  • 17% More Torque and Power than 42cc engines

  • 310 RPM generates the power needed to cut through a wide range of soil types.

  • 30:1 Ratio Drivetrain with heat-treated, solid steel gears.

  • Foam Grip Handles to reduce vibration and fatigue



  • Engine: 52cc 2-Cycle Engine

  • Drill width: 8”

  • Depth: up to 35”


Where to Buy
Owner's Manual
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52cc 2-Cycle Engine is powerful and efficient with 62 ft lb. torque that will make your project go quickly and smoothly.

Engine Control Lever on handle for ease-of-use and operator safety.

YF52-8 Gas Auger Drama.png
YF52-8 Gas Auger 10.png

Hardened steel pilot boring tip makes drilling more efficient with less effort needed to cut through dirt, clay, and roots.

YF Auger Dirt cutaway 2-2.jpg

Anti-vibration Torsion Spring

Transfers the torque efficiently and absorbs shock from packed dirt and any hard
obstacles including roots and rocks.

YF52-8 Gas Auger 2.png

Dig holes up 
to 35" deep

Features a 30:1 ratio drivetrain with heat-treated, solid steel gears.

YF52-8 Gas Auger 13.png
YF52-8 Gas Auger 12.png

Can be operated by one or two people.

YF52-8 Gas Auger Drama.png
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The YF20vRX-RM reel mower is backed by the industry leading Yard Force two-year warranty.


Yard Force - yard work made easy™


(1) YF52-8 Gas Auger

(1) Engine Oil

(1) Operator's Manual


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