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YF60vRX Lithium-Ion Battery Line Trimmer

Push-Button Speed Control - COMPLETE with Battery and Fast Charger included

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Superior Features in its Class:
  • 60v Lithium-Ion with Brushless Motor with power boost is the most powerful in its class.

  • 3 Touch-Control speed settings

  • Balanced handle configuration

  • Bump feed / quick-load cutting head

  • .095” cutting line

  • 5-Year Warranty


  • Power: 60v DC Brushless Motor

  • Battery: 60vRX Lithium-Ion

  • Battery Capacity: 2.5 Ah

  • Runtime: Up to 40 minutes on 1 charge

  • Charger: 2.5 Amp Fast Charge

  • Cutting swath: 16”

  • Cutting line: .095”

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Yard Force battery-powered
equipment keeps you going.

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The Yard Force YF60vRX 16” line trimmer with push button speed control has the power and control for all your trimming and edging needs around your yard. The convenient push-button start has 3 speed settings to give you the control to match every trimming and edging application. The motor and cutting head are perfectly balanced on the ends of the shaft to save energy and provide greater control. The trimmer head uses standard line up to .095” that is easy to refill with the quick-load spool without taking the head apart. The bump-feed head keeps the 16” cutting swath at full capacity.



The 60vRX brushless motor has the torque of a gas engine to cut through all grass types and conditions with up to 40 minutes of runtime on a single charge.

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PUSH-BUTTON SPEED CONTROL: Speed control is at your fingertip to adjust the power quickly. For normal trimming and edging speed #1 or #2 is used. But when you’ve got to cut through thick, dense or wet grass and weeds just press the button without stopping to increase the RPM. This gives you power when you need it and saves energy when you don’t to extend the runtime even longer.

YF60vRX line Trimmer-Battery 2.png

16” CUTTING SWATH with BUMP FEED .095” LINE: The 16” diameter cutting swath uses standard trimmer line up to .095” that is quickly and easily rewound with the quick-load spool. The bump-feed feature spools out more line when needed with a simple bump of the head on the ground while trimming.

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YF60vRX Battery - Cut away.png

60v / 2.5 Ah

Lithium-Ion Power

BALANCE and CONTROL: The motor and cutting head are perfectly balanced at the ends of the strong and lightweight shaft to reduce arm fatigue and provide more control when trimming or edging.

YF60vRX line Trimmer-Drama.png

COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES BATTERY and CHARGER: This is a complete trimmer/edger kit including (1) 60vRX high-capacity 2.5 Ah battery, (1) 2.5 Amp fast charger and the 16” line trimmer.

YF60vRX line Trimmer-Full.png
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