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About Yard Force

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Yard Force is the one brand solution for gas and battery-powered outdoor power equipment. If it needs to be cleaned, cut, trimmed, chipped or split – you can get it done with a Yard Force tool! Our products include advanced technology backed by industry leading warranties, gas-powered mowers are assembled in Statesboro, GA USA. All products are supported by our world-class customer care center based at our North American headquarters in Kennesaw, GA USA.


Yard Force products can be purchased at national and regional retailers throughout the US and Canada and from many online retailers.


Yard Force – Yard work made easy.

Merotec Incorporated is the part of the US operations for SUMEC Hardware & Tools Company Ltd (SUMECHT) – part of the Sinomach family of companies. SUMECHT is a manufacturer of innovative outdoor power equipment and power tools for a broad range of users across the globe.


Merotec Values


At Merotec USA we understand that quality products and services are the backbone of a successful organization. With this in mind we strive to provide the North American market with high quality, innovative outdoor power equipment and power tools while maintaining highly competitive pricing.



Interactive relationships with end-users and healthy programs with our retail and online partners provide the foundation for our business. That is why we at Merotec USA work diligently to maintain open, honest and collaborative channels of communication with everyone that we work with.



People, businesses and industries can always improve. We strive to make our products, our team and our entire organization the best they can be. Constant improvement through innovative technologies and ideas makes Merotec USA a dynamic company



Merotec USA's team has a sense of personal and professional responsibility that influences every decision we make. We believe that a company must be a positive force in its industry and community.

Financial Health through Diversity

SUMECHT is part of a family of businesses making up Sinomach, #248 of Forbes world top 500 companies. The range of businesses within SUMEC include tools and equipment, solar power and hardware, ship building, textile and more. This diversity allows SUMEC to remain healthy as global markets change and products and services need to adapt to remain relevant to customers.


Merotec USA’s executive team is made up of seasoned professionals from manufacturers, retailers and service organizations. This combination of experience and diversity results in products and programs backed by world-class service that make Merotec USA a leader in the marketplace. All senior executives and managers have extensive experience in manufacturing, marketing and commercial projects.


Merotec USA maintains its corporate headquarters in Kennesaw, GA that includes sales, product development, and administration as well as warehousing and distribution.


SUMEC Hardware & Tools Inc. is headquartered in Nanjing, China with global offices in:

North America





Current Position Available- Operations Research Analyst

Current Position Available- Sales Support Specialist

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